Wednesday, 10 December 2014

7C homework: Rock Pool Food Web

  1. complete Life in a Rock Pool worksheet
  2. follow instructions on the sheet (levels are on the back, so you can see what you need to do to reach a certain level)
  3. tick off each part of level as you complete it
  4. remember to use key words on the front of the assessment sheet

Remember you can use the Learn 2 Learn and the Inclusion Base at lunch times for help with homework.

Don't forget to revise for your test on 9th January!

Have a lovely Christmas. Mrs Green

Daily and seasonal changes homework:

Mrs Green’s homework:  Complete fact cards/comic strip/crossword or wordsearch about seasonal and daily changes in a habitat.  Full details on Mrs Green’s year 7 blog.  Due in Tuesday 6th December (remember it is for housepoints!).  Don't forget you can use the Learn 2 Learn or Inclusion Base at lunch times if you want help with homework.  Have a lovely Christmas!  Mrs Green

Being an ecologist lesson:

click on this link to go to the website

Mrs Green

Thursday, 27 November 2014

7 Mendeleev plant homework

7 Mendeleev:  Plant homework

Your first homework (which you will be given during lesson 6 on plants) is as follows:

Medicinal plants:  Some plants have been used as medicines for many years.  Your job is to find out about one of these plants.  You must include: a description of the plant with a diagram, where it lives and which part is used as a medicine.  Due in Tuesday 9th December.
Below are some plants that have medicinal uses, so please feel free to research one of these:

Aloe Vera
Marsh Mallow
Great Burdock
Pot Marigold
Gotu Kola
Globe Artichoke
Chinese Yam
Siberian Ginseng.

Happy Homework!  Mrs Green

Friday, 6 June 2014

7D Homework due in Tuesday 17th June:  The Earth is classified into 5 major biomes: aquatic (water), deserts, forests, grasslands and tundra.  You must design a living organism that is adapted to live in one particular biome.  Describe your organism – include a drawing (level 3), explain how it is adapted to its environment – at least 3 features (level 4), analyse how each feature allows it to survive in its environment (level 5), link your organism to its role within the community (level 6).    Due in Tuesday 17th June  Link to  world's biomes:

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Homework due in Friday 6th June:  Some plants have been used as medicines for many years.  Your job is to find out about one of these plants.  You must include: description of the plant with a diagram, habitat and distribution, edible part, and uses.  You may do this using Google Chrome or another compatible programme, or as a poster (please collect a blank poster sheet).   Have a lovely half term!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Test 14th February

Hello again 7D.  Just a reminder that you have a test on Friday 14th February.  I hope you are all busy revising!
Mrs Green